Secrets To MakeYour Wedding More Romantic

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Every couple wants to have their wedding very memorable not only for them but also for their guests. A romantic wedding event would surely capture both the hearts of the couple and the guests. Here are the three important things to consider to make your dream romantic wedding.

Nail the decors

Your wedding decors should convey the kind of love story you have. Make every effort to take into consideration your love story when decorating your wedding venue to make it more romantic. Most wedding boasts all the luxury of beautiful decorations but lacks the essence of it. If both of you are into nature, then you can have a garden wedding and make a nice backdrop behind beautiful trees and flowers. If you prefer indoor wedding then you can have flower walls for your romantic backdrop. Your table runners can be have a greenery effect too with foliage. If you have wedding singers, request them to sing classic songs for it is perfect for a garden wedding. With regards to the theme of your wedding, making the decorations after your love story will surely make your guests impressed and touched.

Awesome live bands

Hire a live band that is perfect for your choice of songs. There are wedding bands Byron Bay that offer a whole package for your entire wedding. You can coordinate to the band what songs you want them to sing especially for the highlights of your wedding –when you are walking down the aisle, when you are signing your marriage license and when you are exiting the ceremony. Again, take into consideration the songs that you and your partner always listen to that has an impact on your love story. You can choose a song that makes you think of each other. For your first dance, choose a classic wedding song that will surely make it memorable for the both of you. Your wedding music would set the tone for your wedding so choose songs that is romantic and with a dreamy feels.

Personalize it

To make your wedding more romantic and unique, personalize it with your perfect touches. You can make personalized photo displays of your journey through love. Use different filters for the photos to tell more about your story. You can also use significant dates as table numbers. The day in which you first met would be a good example for this. Pick the meaningful numbers and make a short explanation about it so that guests would feel the warmth of your love just by looking at your personalized table numbers. Telling your love story with those personal touches would surely make your guests more immersed on your romantic wedding.