If Microphone Stand Was Not Invented?

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We live in the time of human history where every necessity of man has been invented but also been at the pinnacle of its innovation. We can certainly claim that all the things needed to make human life easy has been invented. Many inventions like the computer, aeroplane, mobile always take all the limelight because they have greater influence in our life. But thousands of minor inventions were never highlighted, but they also play an important role in our lives. That doesn’t mean that those inventions were not needed or not significant but they have limited use instead of major inventions. One such invention is microphone stands or speaker stands. Yes, microphone stands and speaker stands don’t seem to be the thing that can make difference in our lives, but in its way, the microphone stand plays an important role in its unique function. The microphone stands seems to be just insignificant think but ask singer who have to sing without it or ask the speaker standing on the stage and giving a public speech. Many unique functions have been performed by a microphone stand. In one way, it seems like a harmless piece of metal but it is extremely important to give proper setup to the microphone.  


We hear songs and all those songs were recorded in studio or performed live. We always appreciate the voice of the singer in those songs but always enjoy the symmetry in their voice. But imagine, if they have to hold that microphone in which they signing, in their hand. This will limit their mouth and hand movement that can affect their signing performance. But with help of a microphone, they can fix the microphone at one place and give their complete energy into their song. It not only helps to keep the flow of the sound steady from mouth to microphone but also helps the singer to use their body gesture to put life in their performance.  

Public Speaking: 

Almost every public speaking will be counted incomplete without a microphone or speaker stands for sale. Nobody appreciates that microphone or speakers are placed on stands. The microphone or speaker stands are to ensure the right placement of microphone and speaker. Without the help of both, public speaking will become very difficult. As if the crowd will be unable to hear clearly what the speaker is saying, then they will lose their interest. Same is the case with the speaker, if they have to hold the microphone in their hand for an hour or so, it will become more tiring for them. As the hands will be moving during the speech, it means continuity will be broken while speaking. The microphone stand ensures that the microphone remains fixed and the speaker can comfortably continue with its word. This will make their words clear and steady. The microphone stands or speaker stands are now easily available online. There are many websites where the microphone or speaker stands are for sale.